In order to maintain our high quality standards all of the thousands of tonnes cleaned at Ellingham Grain selected for

Skin colour Pale creamy skins without staining
Large Seed Size, for evenly graded product
Low Bruchid infestation
Freedom from moulds and disease

We source our raw materials from across the UK in order to get the best quality available. Many are grown locally by our experienced farmers skilled in the production of export quality beans.

The Cleaning Process

Intake Quality control.
All lots are sampled and thoroughly tested before intake. Moisture content, colour, size and weevil infestation are all strictly monitored.
Cleaning and grading.
Beans pass through aspirated, rotary-sieving machines, which remove all admixture, all under and oversized beans. This gives a very clean and evenly graded sample.
Gravity tables are used to remove admixture and stoens befroe nedling and coolour sorting
Beans pass through Cravnic needle cylinders, which remove any seed with cracked or broken seed coat and beans with holes in as a result of weevil infestation.
Colour sorting.
Sortex colour sorters remove any stained or discoloured beans from the sample
Produce is packed according to requirements, prior to containerisation
If required, is carried out either at our plant or in transit to the vessel