Ellingham Grain have many years experience in the cleaning and bagging of pea and beans for human consumption and have, we believe, a very good reputation for quality across the world.

Quality is of paramount importance and we take every effort to ensure that our produce is more than satisfactory. We have a constant programme of improvements to cleaning capability that has seen the recent installation of new De-Stoning machines, Sortex colour sorting machines and Cravnic needle cylinders.

Presentation is also of great importance to our customers. We can arrange packing to suit your needs: all the usual bags sizes - and bulk! - bags printed to your own designs if required.

Shipment: at Ellingham we are able to arrange shipment to suit your schedule. Located within easy reach of the port of Felixstowe, freight rates are competitive and we are glad to pass any savings on to our clients.

Wizard and Victor Beans showing the difference in size.


  • Large Blue peas, (English green peas) Medium size round seeded with blue -green seed colour.
  • Small Blue peas for specialist markets, especially canning.
  • Maple peas for pigeon food, Minerva Maple, traditional variety and still the best quality maple pea
  • Marrowfat peas for human consumption
  • Black Rape Seed, re-cleaned, bulk or bagged (25 / 50 kg) bags
  • Linseed, for bird seed and for culinary uses.
  • Lupins, UK sweet white lupins for human consumption.
  • Naked Oats, UK grown health foods, cosmetics and a variety of other uses



All the above are available in bulk containers or packed in paper or polypropylene bags. We are able to provide printed bags from your own design and can pack in bags from 10kgs upwards..