We handle a range of other commodities in addition to pulses. These include:


  • Black Rape Seed: Double low Oilseed rapeseed re-cleaned and bagged for human and animal food.
  • Linseed: Brown or yellow seeded for a range of end uses from human consumption and pharmaceutical uses to pet foods.
  • Lupins Sweet white lupins for human and animal food are now being produced in the UK. Limited availability, Please enquire.
  • Naked oats: huskless oats use for many products including baking, cosmetics and animal feeds.
  • Wheat: soft white wheat selected for appearance for use in breakfast cereals and in pigeon rations. Available in bulk or bagged
  • Barley: Bold grains are sought after for both pigeon feed and for de-corticating for pearl barley.
  • Oats: Both Husked and Naked oats for human and animal foods.

Please contact us for further information